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Something New from Adobe


Mapanno mashup is a web based service providing a set of online authoring tools to create visual content by ‘mashing up’ your images from flickr or 23 into content that you can download and publish to your own website or blog.A mapanno mash can be described as – a graphic or image that has been covered with visual tags a bit like using paper post-it notes or drawing a concept map.

Adobe kuler 2.0
kuler is all about color and inspiration: explore, create, and share color themes.
These APIs allow you to submit requests to, which returns lists of feeds (highest rated, most popular, and newest color themes posted to the site) or searches themes.

“Thermo” is an upcoming Adobe product that makes it easy for designers to create rich Internet application UIs. Thermo allows designers to build on familiar workflows to visually create working applications that easily flow into production and development.

  1. Use drawing tools to create original graphics, wireframe an application design, or manipulate artwork imported from Adobe Creative Suite tools.
  2. Turn artwork from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fireworks directly into functional components that use the original artwork as a “skin”.
  3. Define and wire up interactive behavior, such as what to do when a user clicks on something, without having to write code.
  4. Easily design UIs that work with dynamic data, such as a list of contacts or product information, without having access to the actual data source. Design-time sample data can be used as a realistic placeholder when laying out an application, testing interactivity, and choreographing motion.

Adobe Flash Player “Astro”
Adobe® Flash® Player is an advanced client runtime for delivering powerful and consistent user experiences across browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. The next major release of Flash Player, codename “Astro,” was first previewed at Adobe MAX 2007. The preview highlighted a few of the new capabilities the Flash Player team is working on for Astro: advanced text layout, simple 3D effects, and custom filters, blend modes and effects.


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