Why am I taking these efforts?


Hi, before starting this page I was just wondering why should I create such a page on my Personal blog which talks about Actionscript?
Is it just because I know it a bit or because I want to prove to others that I know Actionscript?

Well, the answer is “NO” to all such questions that are popping in my mind. I am taking these efforts because when I was struggling to learn Actionscript I was very confused. I was completely enthusiastic about learning Actionscript
but all the efforts were going in wrong direction without proper guidance.

I have visited numerous blogs, websites, forums and read many books, watched CD’s which talk about actionscript. When I was going through the material I discovered that mostly people were talking about the programming aspect rather than basics of the software. They always talked about the scripting and I thought maybe that’s because they are programmers by profession and must be very comfortable and familiar with all the technical jargon.

But coming from a designing background I strongly felt that we have to look at actionscripting from a designer’s point of view. I would really like if one day the designer will be able to turn himself into Designer + Developer = Deseloper.

The main reason behind this is, every designer can imagine heaven but to develop that heaven you should know the limitations behind it. So the Deseloper’s have good opportunities in next era.


Please give me your feedbacks, comments so that we can improve our learning.


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  1. If you are really serious about putting your knowledge-base here, then its a very useful and good thing, that you are doing to many freshers as well as professionals (and to ‘would be Deselopers’)

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