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प्रत्येकाच्या डोक्यात एक किडा असतो…..


अशाच एका निवांत क्षणी सुचलेल्या चार ओळी..बघा कशा वाटत आहेत..प्रतिक्रिया द्यायला विसरू नका बर…
प्रत्येकाच्या  डोक्यात  एक  किडा  असतो..
Photograph by Mohiniraj
प्रत्येकाच्या  डोक्यात  एक  किडा  असतो..
म्हणूनच  तर  तो  वेडा  असतो………….
बंध -पाशांचा  त्याला  वेढा  असतो..
म्हणूनच  ते  नसताना  तो  थोडा  टेढा  असतो…………..

तिच्या  सुखद  आठवणीत  एक  तरी  मिठाचा  खडा  असतो..
म्हणूनच  त्याच्या  ग्लासात  कधी  सोडा  असतो…………..

कधी  आठवणीत  तिच्या  कमरेला  घातलेला  वेढा  असतो..
तर  कधी  फसवणुकीने   गळ्याला  बसलेला  वेढा  असतो…………..

प्रत्येकाच्याच  आयुष्याला  सुख  दुःखाचा  वेढा  असतो..
आणि  म्हणूनच  प्रत्येकाच्या  डोक्यात  एक  किडा  असतो…
म्हणूनच  तर  तो  वेडा  असतो……………… 



Life is all in the timing and spacing….


Everyone must have heard about “Animation is all in the timing and spacing” said by Richard Williams. But what is Animation? It is the Life to objects, characters, sketches, dots, pixels, lines, squares, rectangles, circles, etc etc etc. Then why why don’t we call it Life is all in the timing and spacing?

We all have friends and relatives. But when to contact them is the time set by god. We won’t send sms to our relative at 2.00 AM to just time pass, but we will send it to friend. And when it’s time to tell something from your heart you tell it to your nearest someone there comes a spacing, the space between the two hearts.

Timing and spacing are always related to each other in a complex way. While animating it’s the complex thing to understand but when you get over it then it’s a simplest method to animate. In life we also face such situations. A boy in college try to make zero distance with almost every pretty girl in college, he thinks “are yarr iske dil aur mere dil me jo spacing hai who kam ho jaye” but not a every guy has a good time with him and hence everyone dosent get those pretty girls.

To win the timing and spacing in animation techniques people like Walt Disney spent their Life’s and we are enjoying the fruit i.e. Principles of Animations. But to feed us this fruit Disney has gone through lots of troubles and hard work in his life. He spent lots of time on thinking on the various things he was observing and then he illustrated it on canvas. His canvas is film reel where he gathered all his time spent on observations and he just adjusted this time in spaces between the frames of film. He enjoyed success because he spent his Life in Time and Spacing………