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Flash vs. HTML5


In recent few months we have heard lots of nonsense about Flash vs. HTML5 fight. Apple is opposing Flash to run on their iOS platforms like iPhone, IPad, etc. Even ‘Steve Jobs’ has criticized Flash in his open letter on Apple website. The facts are really different from the picture being created.

Let us see some facts which will focus on the points which describes that the war is nonsense and just to make an attention towards the HTML5.


Who is controlling?
Flash Platform
Adobe Systems


WHATWG” Committee made up by Opera Software, Mozilla Foundation and Apple.
 Here we have to make a note that Apple is one of the controllers of HTML5. We all know that Apple has history of dominating over its own hardware and software. They do not allow anyone to play with their hardware and software. Whereas; Flash has its own development environment, which will affect iPhone development by Apple,if Flash is allowed on iPhone. It could compete with the iTunes store for different media distributed by Apple. This makes a large difference in Flashand HTML5.
Most Selling fact for HTML5
Yes video. Video delivery through web is the most selling fact behind HTML5. ‘Steve Jobs’ has mentioned that “Flash is not necessary to watch video over the web”.
Definitely, HTML5 supports basic video players. But, if you want advanced video players which have streaming or interactive features with video effects then? Then you have to choose Flash or some other technology.
Another thing which is being described by various columnists is, “You cannot develop website in Flash completely, and it will require HTML to run on web”. That’s why HTML5 is best for web.
True,if HTML is required to run the Flash over web then why not HTML5. But the fact is both Flash and HTML5 require other language support to run the video or interactive content over the web, such as; JavaScript. So, none of them are independent.
SWF is not allowed in HTML5?

As far as I know, you can still use embed tag in HTML5. If embed tag is there then why to worry? You can embed swf. Check “HTML5fundamentals, Part 1: Getting your feet wet”.

So you don’tneed to develop your videos and interactive elements in different environments for HTML5 you can still use Flash in it.
Adobe is Opposing HTML5?

I don’tthink so! Adobe has developed Adobe Edge for creating animated web content using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This will add Motion and Interaction Design with ease for HTML5.

Adobe has already declared that they will aggressively contribute to HTML5. Read: Flash toFocus on PC Browsing and Mobile Apps; Adobe to More Aggressively Contribute toHTML5

Flash requires Latest Browser and Flash Players
Flashdevelop its Flash Player and upgrades its technology for better user experience. It usually requires latest player for the same. Developers always need a better result from Flash because of high demand from clients regarding vector graphics and video. And hence, it requires always a latest browser and Flash Player.

Yes this is ridicules to always keep on updating the player and browser.
So, do you think HTML5 will not require any browser upgrade? Will it run on IE7 / IE8?
No. it will also require upgrades in its browser technology as HTML5 is emerging technology. Most of the browsers are still not compatible with it. Even Safariby Apple, on Windows platform fails to run HTML5 videos.
So there does not seem any fight. Both can be used for better user experience and no one will lose the race.